About the Author

James A Mullier

Author Information

Name: James Arthur Mullier

Age: 67

Born: Hunter Coalfields region of New South Wales; 26th December, 1951

Now Located: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


  • Website dedicated to Books I have written and other relevant information: www.jamullier.com
  • Email: jamullier@optusnet.com.au
  • Facebook: James Mullier

Education: Secondary Level to H.S.C. and then Tertiary Level to L & E. S. D. Certificate through T.A.F.E. New South Wales.

Employment: Forty six years working in New South Wales building industry as Survey Technician and Civil Engineering Designer. Now retired!


  • Compassion Australia - sponsorship of children with financial support; letter writing and encouragement for each child; their families and Christian schools located in Philippines.
  • Authoring Christian books to bring glory to the Living God and further build His kingdom through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Photography to enhance books and increase social profile.
  • Song writing and composition to honour and glorify Jesus.

From a first marriage I have been blessed with a daughter and four grandchildren. From a second marriage of 32yrs I have been blessed with two daughters. A cat named Jeremiah, (Jeremy) has been with us for about 16 yrs. Also, there is a fourth generation computer named “Jeremiah IV”.

My Future:
I am excited by what the future might hold under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God’s love for me is greater than I could ever imagine. He loved me first before I could even think about loving Him. His love and blessings are good and trustworthy. They are my future!