Background & Purpose

Background and Purpose

Following transformation of my spirit from old to new and transition of my soul from self only, to a degree of sacrificial love, the songs contained in “Christian Worship Songbook” could be freely released from my heart.

All songs are personally composed to bless God the Father; Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit… the only True God. There are nine songs in the book, which, as the title suggests, I have categorised as worship. Prior to composing the songs, I had little to no knowledge of music theory. Resources available online and purchased music software provided basic understanding, but mostly each melody with lyrics quickly followed on from the previous one, until song number nine was complete. From that moment, no more lyrics or notes seemed readily available.

In some cases lyrics proved to be a challenge as alignment with the absolute truth of God’s Word was of utmost importance to me. Compromising the integrity of Scripture on purpose, could never be allowed… not for any reason: no matter how difficult the task may have seemed to be, but especially as I was aiming to bless God. How could God be blessed if the meaning of His words were blatantly being changed. Remaining sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit was essential for staying in the will of God while writing the songs.

There are always those who know more and do more no-matter what the chosen field of expertise may be.

However, regardless of any expertise that may have been enjoyed, whether just inwardly perceived in thoughts or outwardly proven to be authentic, “Christian Worship Songbook” is presented as original lyrics, music and photography for any person pleased to receive. Just simply give from your heart to worship the Living God… Creator of all the heavens and the earth.