Background & Purpose

Background and Purpose

The truth of God's Word is being compromised in many churches today. Along with Jesus, the Holy Spirit is being pushed aside to make way for secular style, popular preaching and teaching. More church members means more money, but local churches worldwide are paying a high price for what they perceive as success. Strife, corruption and division in local churches is rife. The devil and his cohort of evil spirits influence church assemblies, whenever an opportunity arises, and this is disturbing.

Insurgency means rebellion and this is exactly what the devil tries to establish in many local churches... rebellion against Jesus as Head of The Church and against Jesus as the living Word of God. Rebellion against the things God spoke, (His Word) as in the garden of Eden. Through Jesus and the good works of the Cross, the devil no longer has direct power of his own, but he can and does influence weaker, vulnerable Christians and the unsaved.

The purpose of this book is to warn those individual Christians and local churches, that there is a falling away from the truth of God breathed Scripture and there are consequences… not as brought to bear by God, but as demanded by sin and in full payment according to the law. There is a spiritual war in progress, whereby the devil and His evil spirits are active to influence local church members. Where required, local church assemblies need to repent of following wrong doctrines, false teaching; compromising Scripture; soliciting money; arguing, and join with Jesus as He counters the devil’s insurgency in church.


God is for us… not against us, but there are spiritual laws operating, just as there are physical laws such as gravity operating in this sense realm on Earth. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the law of sin and death has been replaced by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. The World is saved… God has done that. Many prophesies have been fulfilled, but the unsaved World has not caught on yet. Salvation needs to be accepted from God. In many quarters, legalism and its futility; works and their harrowing despair; sin and its way of eternal death, somehow remain popular. This book is making known to the World and local Christian churches alike, that eternal life and peace are provided by God.

Through the Lordship of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit ministry in local churches, the insurgency of the devil is removed. Peace reigns where Jesus reigns.