Background & Purpose


This book unfolds the love of God for His creation. It shows God’s protective covenant that was prophesied and mankind’s future hope given through Christ Jesus. Ranging from the Old Testament mercy of God, to the New Testament Grace of God with the sacrifice of Jesus, being the eternal anchor of mankind’s reconciliation with God the Father. This book is written to show that God is good all of the time and He sent His only begotten Son, not to condemn the world but to save it.

Following on from the, “The God I Know”, this book is meant to be a more in depth witness to the goodness and love of God. Throughout mankind’s entire stay on this planet earth, God has done many marvellous acts of kindness and preservation to keep His creation on a path that would eventually lead back to Him. While sin has continually gnawed away at the foundations of mankind’s heart, causing ever widening rifts between themselves and God, there has always been a way of escape.

Mercy, sacrifice and grace are obvious themes to this book but the richness of God’s love to guarantee everlasting life to those who repent of sin and believe on His Son is central to the book.

To those who do not yet know Jesus personally there will be a difficulty factor applied to the task of remaining focussed to read some parts of this book, however, the door is always left open to turn around and receive the eternal peace and great love that God has for every person.

Purpose & Summary

This book is written primarily about the love that God has for you, whether you are born again of the Holy Spirit or not, rather than the love that you have for God. The whole purpose of Salvation by grace through faith is for mankind to be reconciled to God the Father in love. Jesus made redemption and reconciliation possible by shedding His blood to pay the price for all sin, (past, present and future). Jesus died on the cross and was raised again to life in glory. The sacrifice of Jesus became our life eternal.

“God is good” and “God is love” are statements not always heard clearly in Christianity or by the world as a whole, but this is precisely how God is. Once again as with my first book I have written about God as I personally know Him through the Holy Bible; prayer and relationship, as a truthful account of the goodness and love of God toward myself and as I perceive toward the world.

Revealing God’s great love toward His own children and those who are still struggling with the choice between life and death is a passionate pursuit of my heart. The world will debate and argue until it is too late but the soft heart of a soul born of the Spirit will be a sure witness to the mercy, sacrifice and grace of God in love. The purpose of this book is to show the way of escape - Jesus Christ.