Background & Purpose

Background and Purpose

“This Side of Heaven” is written to increase faith hope and love in any person; to encourage trust in Jesus, and to build confidence in approaching God the Father in relationship. Knowing that God loves every person born to earth and that He hears any request which is sincerely spoken to Him is of utmost importance. God is for you... not against you, but peace with God only comes through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Even though a person may be born again in the Spirit, life on earth spent in pride and lack of knowledge, without the authority of Jesus Christ and without the power of the Holy Spirit can be wasteful and futile. These issues are examined through Bible Scripture and my own testimonies.

For those who do not know Jesus personally as their Saviour and Lord, there is incentive in this book to continue reading... to understand the heart of the Living God and His desire to have everlasting reconciliation and fellowship with them.

Whether Christian or non-Christian, this book attempts to point the way to a trustworthy personal relationship with the Living God and Creator of all things. God is unchanging and He loves every person. By believing inwardly the Lord Jesus and also speaking out His Lordship... eternal life and peace with God is assured.